what is jaden smith's real number

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i love him im his cousin but he didnt give me his number when he left town so i want it the real one

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  1. Guest27622643

    pleas give me jaden smith number im fening too be famos  if you want to hear me sang i will giv you my number latter i will give you  hanna montana number

  2. Guest27579166

    Hey willow i am a HUGE fan of your whole family!! please can you give me Jadens number, it would mean a LOT to me x*x

  3. Guest26395529

    i love u jaden smith im about to become famous my group is called swagged out girlz look us up we sing very good im the best anyway con u put up a fan line so big fans of yours can leave a messge for u and u can listen to it everyday that would be wonderful im 12 going on  13 in dec 13 so please make one for us your fans love u always wills will  yours tuely nicole love call to her me sing @216-262-4263

  4. Guest22862355

    None of them are obvi his number :L everyone just leave him alone, if he wanted people/fans to have his number then he would have given it to them! Although i am a MASSIVE Fan, and i am actually in love with him!!!, i still don't want to find out his number from someone else, because he obvi didn't want me to have it or he would have put it on the internet, Everyone just stop asking and leave him alone, it's not fair on him!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JADEN SMITH <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Guest22792144

    Hey pllz give im his cuzin and he didnt giv wen he left town so willow i really need it my email is so plzz giv it to me:)

  6. Guest22470501

    hi im willow smith jaden said if he gives you his phone dont call him to much


  7. Guest22443904

    omg guys you dont know it cause well only certan ppl know it he wont just give it to some fan. there is about 500 phone numbers ppl r sending out give it up plz. i am a fan of his just leave him alone he wont want to tlk to some small town/city fan

    i am a HUGE fan of him you just need to give him some space maybe he likes his life but wants to get away from the fame for a while.

  8. Guest22443742

    i really really really want his number and his sisters i want proof.

  9. Guest22391584

    I love Jaden Smith and I want hiz number rite now so if any one has it plz giv it 2 not desperate 4 it but i really need it....

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  12. Guest21503009
    please if anyone has his number please give it to me
  13. Guest20742271
    1-800-755-why do u guys like him so much just leave him alone gosh and plus I'm not a Jaden Smith fan so don't be askin mi for his numba
  14. Guest20619360

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