what is cycle of oral communication?

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what is the use of cycle of oral communication in our daily living?is these useful?when we can use these communication,and how?

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    A simple communication model with a sender transferring a message containing information to a receiver. Other commentators suggest that a ritual process of communication exists, one not artificially divorceable from a particular historical and social context.
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    I have listed an overall communication cycle; i hope this helps. Communication model - linear communication “what one person does to another” TOO MANY INTERFERENCES IN THIS MODEL! -interference (noise) hinders decoding -external noise – could be literal noise or a bad smell -physiological noise (biological factors: hearing loss, illness) -psychological noise (thinking about other things, irritability when a “trigger word” is heard) -linear view leaves out the receiver’s reaction; the communication flows in one direction. With some people, it may seem that way. -Interactive “the sender and receiver” - -think of encoding as “behavior” -Response is feedback, verbal and nonverbal -misunderstandings happen Why? Environments (both parties’ personal experiences) -Transactional -activity of communication – we send and receive messages simultaneously -Communication is something that we share with people; we don’t do communication to them. Only humans can experience transactional communication. Principles of Interpersonal Communication 1. Both parties must reach awareness. How does it feel when you are misunderstood? With whom are you not communicating at the moment? How does that feel? 2. Mutual awareness will make communication inevitable. 3. Communication is irreversible and cannot be taken back. 4. All IPC interactions have a message content and personal feelings – what you say and how you say it. 5. Metacommunication – talking about your communication. What happens in your relationships when you talk about your communication? More communication isn’t necessarily better, but quality communication makes it better. 6. We are defined by our roles… see p. 24. We are 6 people. Your perception – the other person’s perception. Discuss marriage and family therapists and the “mirroring” technique. 7. We are guided by social rules. Think of our proverbs. Is honesty always the best policy? If you can’t say something nice, should you say it? Flexibility is a must for communication interactions. 8. We should be other-oriented. Are you? How can you become other-oriented (do role-play activity – two scenarios)

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