what is a good and interesting speech topic for a grade 8 girl ?

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what is a good and interesting speech topic for a grade 8 girl ?

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  1. Guest22735119

     winter. You could write about fun things to do (skiing, skating), the weather and Christmas brake (2 weeks of no school). Last year I did the olympics. I'm looking for topic too also grade 8 girl.

  2. Guest22639910

    One about how justin beiber and cody simpson are different

  3. Guest22608816

    Im in grade 8 and wow you have been doing speeches know for almost your whole life and im running out of i deas first i though about teachers pets. 2. what do teachers do after school. 3. a day  in a life withough parents, dreams, make up your own worl and describe it, why guys hate on justing bieber soo much, mosters under your bed, what freedom means to me, if i had a million dollars, what kindergarden was like for me, worst suply teacher ever but havent really found one that i reall really like. Please help me i wanna do something about school or girls but not imbaressing. you know how it is talking infront of your class :p

    hailey <3

  4. Guest22492883

    you can do it abou the history of something that really exictes u- like the history of the hospital.


  5. Guest17509422
    i have to rite a speech too, im a grade 8 girl. it is impossible to find a speech topic. in the past I have done terry fox, dogs, and platapus's this year i either wanna do barbie or finger nails
  6. Guest17261694
    perfectionists maybe, or why ppl sleepwalk. i'm tring to find a speech topic too
  7. Guest15386177
    hmmm, i don't know, i am looking for one too, but here are some i found. `why the titanic sank 1why dolphns jump out of the water -music from the 60's to now. -how music all started -clothes from 1920 or something to clothes now sleepwalking dreams high school history of barbie
  8. Guest15382402
    im looking for a speech topic too and i'm a grade 8 girl, i was thinking about amazing facts about anything, impossible things you cant do with your body(ex. l**k your elbow), and a biagragphie of Ben Carson( an african-american doctor). thats about it.. good luck :)
  9. Guest15142956
    fairy tales

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