What is SAG?

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Hi Phil. I want to know what exactly the SAG is? I also know its real meanings, as its meant for Screen Actors Guild, but what are the real benefits of SAG on ones acting career? (I want to know the positive and negative aspects of the SAG) tell me more that how do you join? Im 14 years old and planning to start acting classes, entering pageants, and being an extra so I can start acting soon.
Hope to get a reliable answer soon. Thank you very much, Bria

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  1. John
    Bria,Thanks for writing here. The Screen Actor's Guild is the exclusive union that represents the professional actors in film and television fraternity. If you really want to work in big studio films as an actor, you have to do a lot of things. You'll need to be a member of the union. There are salient benefits of this union as well. i have written a book named GET A REEL JOB, explains a number of ways of joining SAG. Give it a read and then let me know, if you still have more questions about SAG, feel free to write to me and ask them until you are satisfied. I'll be happy to answer them for you.Just remember, make a good understanding of SAG and then jump into this pool. Its quite benefiting for you to understand the real worth of SAG.

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