what does it mean when your guy cousin holds your hand?

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a long time ago,my guy cousin held my hands with our fingers interlocking...this has happened on almost every single family gathering we have together...he always says 2 me whats up,girlfriend? then holds my hand...but i haven't seen him in a year,cuz he hasn't been to family gatherings that much because his brother and some other guy got into a fight...but now he might come to the easter party..if he does it again,whats this mean?and he's done this 4 years...

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  1. Guest23346188

    cuz he <3;s you...






    ;)as cuzin/family,helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo,lol(:

  2. Guest23328986

    he is probably just being friendly.the greeting what's up,girlfriend? is nothing!it's like another saying for what's up friend?,or what';s up,couson?it's just a friendly gesture or friendly greeting or friendly comment or just being friendly talking to or about you..etc...something like're cousins aren't you???

  3. Guest23323124

    maybe he probably likes your hand,lol.

  4. Guest23295776

    i think it's weird he calls you "girlfriend"...

    2 weird..and strange,2

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