what does it mean when a guy puts his fingers on his lips while looking into your eyes and copies u?

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there is this guy i knoiw and he only teases me because his friends tease me,but he seems to stare at me alot,and sometimes he just gazes at me,and ever since he seems to like me,he hasn't teased me that much he doesn't do it at all really.anyways,one time i saw him in the hallway at skewl and he called me a name and he was looking into my eyes and he never ended eye-contact untill i did,and as we were looking in eachother's eyes,he put his fingers on his lips,and was looking in my eye and i just turned around and walked down the rest of the hallway..and that day,he had come to my 9th period class and one of his friends is in there,and he didn't tease me.(even if he did,it wouldnt be that much of teasing.and plus,he only teased me alot for about a week,a little more,or a few days,then he just stopped doing it since he seems to like me),and anyway,in the class,he stared at me,and when his friend was doing a dance move,he was looking kinds angrily at him,and then when i saw him,he looked mad at me and his friend,and so,anyways,that was what happened.and today,i had a band concert and he stared at me all gazy again.but other times,it wasn't gazing.sometimes it's normal,other times he is smiling.anyways,he copied the things i did,like when i would turn around and look in a direction,he'd do the same and turn that direction and talk to someone.(even if i turned around and didnt tlk 2 somebody he would still turn and tlk),and not just that,but anywhere i looked.and also,at the same time,he was mostly talking to his friends,so idk if he was really paying attention or not,but he was at some point bcuz he was coping the things i did.and like,after the concert,when we stood up so the audience would clap,he was staring at me smiling,and idk if he was looking at me as i went to greet my parents but he may have.and also,as i was walking out of the school,he was in front of me and he was talking then turned around and saw me and i was talking at that time,and so,he started to talk again!thats probably coping but at the same time idk cuz he was already tlking b4 he even saw me,sooo.but what does staring and coping really mean????

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  1. ZZ

     He truly loves you from the core of his heart. His love is true. He never want to loose you that is why he is not being able to show his love to you. Or to talk with you because he is kind of afraid that he might loose you after that. 

    Now to help him out and start an affair with him, you should start doing the same things. Now you start copying him in his every act so that he can feel that you are also noticing him. 
    Best of luck. 

  2. Guest23319257

    he loves you.


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