what does it mean when a guy cries because he wants a girl and she likes another guy?

by Guest22791987  |  9 years ago

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this guy and me used 2 like eachother and then i started staring at another guy and at first he looked mad/jealous bout it but then the next day,he was looking at me and crying and i felt realllll bad.and 6th period i started staring at the other dude again and wen i saw his reaction,he just looked at the guy and me all sad (but the guy he looked at him a little mad) and he just looked like he was gonna cry..and guess what??he cried.i can just tell by the sound of his voice wen the teacher asked him a question..
so wats it mean when a guy cries over a girl??

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  1. Guest24974027

    when he was crying over u and starin' at u,he was all like this in his head:love ya,babe and when he was staring in complete hatred and anger at that one boy u love,he was all like this in his head:stay away and back off from my girl cuz she iz mine 'n' im in love with her!

  2. Guest24946845

     awww sweetie he was in love with youu!! and he probably still i today but may not act like it or show it. . . <3 ahh young love. :) lol. idk how old u r,but u sound young just by the way ur speaking/typing.

  3. Skyler

    he was in love with you and couldn't stand it that you liked another guy,so he cried because he didn't know what else to do about it. . .he wants you to feel the same about him as he feels about you.he really likes you and wants to go out with you is all i can say.

  4. Guest24918666

    Ohh,and P.S. this is important: he may pretend to not like u and do all those other things i said in my last answer 2 just c ur reaction 2 c if u like him or not..he only does those things 2 c if u like him and feel the same. he wants to no if u have feelings for him or not.he is trying his best 2 get you. he won't give up. you have his heart. if you honestly don't feel the same,then tell him straight out. it doesn't matter if you want to or not. you have to let him know at some point. some time...right? sooner or later. and he is obviously desperate to take you away from that other boy you've been hitting on! he is trying to down the other guy and make you like him and not like the other boy.


  5. Guest24918666

    awww...he loves you and he always will...the feelings will NEVER fade. not with a situation with THAT typa deal. He may try making you jealous by using other girls,act like he likes another girl,act like he doesn't like you,reject you (if u like him),and act like he is a player...when really all he wants is for you 2 try harder to get him and for you to like him back and feel the same way as he feels about YOU. <3

  6. Guest23129609

    It means he is hurt. For u it was easy to stare at other girl and he was totally committed to u.

    If u r nt serious, talk to him and explain... He likes u and does not want to hurt u or fight with u. He is just helpless and so, crying...

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