what do kshatriyas eat?

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what do kshatriyas eat?

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  1. Guest17716301
    Yes by all means Kshatriyas are allowed to eat meat, also Hinduism does not fully prohibits meat eating though it does say " abstinence will bring great reward". Kshatriyas were allowed to eat meat because it gave them manly vigour which was needed in the battle field.

  2. Guest17058166
    They Do Eat Meat, It's just Usually Chicken, NEVER Beef Though. They Also Eat Chapati, Which Is Just Flat Bread, kinda Like A Pancake.
  3. Guest14601272
    but they couldn't have eaten meat tho... because wasn't it that they had to get a good dharma so they didn't eat living things... that was what i was told in class...
  4. Guest12341108
    cooked meat

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