what did the men wear for clothes in new france in the year 1635?

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I am studying history and I want to know that about the clothes the men wore in new france in year 1635.

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  1. Duke

    In the beginning of the 16th 100 years the men’s latest tendency is linen tops had deep cuffs. Shirt sleeves became fuller all through the period. A collar connected to attach out level, called a whisk, was popular. Other methods encompassed an unstarched ruff-like collar and, subsequent, a rectangular dropping band lying on the shoulders. Beards taken up the period Van d**e, they were sharp and often a large and broad moustache was developed too. Doublets were sharp and fitted close to the body, with taut sleeves. Gradually waistlines increased and sleeves became fuller, and both body and top sleeves might be slashed to display the top beneath. By 1640 doublets were full and unfitted, and open at the front underneath the high waist to display the shirt. Sleeveless cowhide jerkins were damaged by fighters and are glimpsed in portraits, but else the jerkin quickly dropped out of latest tendency for inside wear. Paned or pansied trunk hose or around hose, padded hose with narrow pieces of fabric (panes) over a full inward level or coating, were damaged early in the time span, over cannions, fitted hose that completed overhead the knee. Trunk hose were longer than in the preceding time span, and were pear-shaped, with less fullness at the waist and more at mid-thigh. Decorated steel tips on points were called aiguillettes or aiglets, and those of the rich were made of prized metals set with pearls and other gemstones. Short cloaks or capes, generally hip-length, often with sleeves, were damaged by trendy men, generally slung artistically over the left shoulder, even indoors. Long cloaks were damaged for inclement weather.

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