what did rich victorian men wear?

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what did rich victorian men wear?

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  1. Guest22617082

     they usually wore top hats, carried a cane long frocked coats and trousers.

  2. Guest22057025

    Men usaully wore waist coats or suits.

    Women wore at least 4 dresses a day:

    1 for bed time

    1 for the morning

    1 for the afternoon

    and 1 for the evening.


    If it was a special day, they'll wear 5 different dresses

  3. Guest19162509
    They wore short-tailed jackets, top hats, they carried canes, they wore suits and wool waistcoats.
  4. Guest14286089
    top hats and they had canes
  5. Guest13871274
    yer c**p
  6. Guest13067035
    men wore c**p clothes

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