what body tissue has the least amount of water?

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what body tissue has the least amount of water?

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  1. Guest28165026

    The Adipose Tissue has the lowest water content.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, In medicine, body water is all of the water content of the human body. A significant fraction of the human body is water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight. Blood contains 95% water, body fat contains 14% water and bone has 43% water. Skin also contains much water. The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females. In diseased states where body water is affected, the compartment or compartments that have changed can give clues to the nature of the problem. Body water is regulated by hormones, including anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), aldosterone and atrial natriuretic peptide. There are many methods to determine body water. One way to get a simple estimate is by calculation

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