what are the social effects of martial law in the philippines

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and also its effect on the economy in our society :)

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    marcos was bad.. evil...

    but he mad the phil. disciplined and wonderful...

    Fantastic eh?

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     i don't know the answer 

    the page is useful but boring... there are no shiny glamorous colors at all..

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    Mga masamang epekto ng Martial law: nagkaroon ng mga rally. Maraming nasugatan at namatay. Kontrolado ng mga militar ang lahat. Mga mabuting epekto ng martial law: Nagkaroon ng tulay, kalye, imprastraktura at iba pa. Basta marami pang mga mabuting epekto.

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    Citizens who refuse to obey the rules and possibly force law enforcement to shoot their own citizens. There are a lot of people out there who would take advantage of a bad situation for personal gain (such as looting after a major disaster) and there are people who act like they are the king of the hill and the rules don't apply to them.

    The biggest negative would be the circumstances required to declare Martial Law. Something really bad would have to happen to cause it. It is lawful if the President feels it is necessary but you will have people who will think otherwise and might riot in response.

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