what are the reasons for spoilage of landscape?

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what are the reasons for spoilage of landscape?

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    landscape spoilage is caused due to urbanization, deforestation,over-grazing and many other human and natural activities.
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    spoilage of landscape is due to improper disposal wastes, especially solid waste. it may include slag heaps from paper mills, waste frm mines, fertilizer, etc.. even our household contribute a large no. of solid wastes like paper, plastic, vegetable waste, etc.. if these wastes are not disposed properly, they can proove filthy and unhyginic
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    Landscape is referred to as an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view. All the landscape spoilage is due to the exploding population, industrial wastes, waste disposal system, unplanned urbanization, etc...etc...etc... since we had an aesthetic view of landscape, and we are loosing it at an alarming rate, we have to be more aware of it!!! "we have borrowed this EARTH from our future generation and hence it is our responsibility to hand over a clean earth to them" Be alert and in action towards OUR landscape..................!!!
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    landscape spoilage is the pollution of land due to human activities or natural causes due to which the quality of soil degrades leading to various consequences like loss of productivity,soil erosion,etc The population of developing countries increases more rapidly than the developed countries.Therefore landscape is witnessed in the developing countries of africa, asia,latin america.Aslandscape spoilage is closely related with the increasing populati on number.

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