what are the level codes for sniper assassin 4

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what are the level codes for sniper assassin 4

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  1. Guest28383392


  2. Guest25804030

    lololololololololololololololololol idk any of em

  3. Guest22820137

    wats after footloose

  4. Guest22684591

    par is the second, charlie is 3rd, iron maidenis 4th, passerby is 5th, hide and seek is 6th, nocturnal is final level

  5. Guest22575262

    a*s holes

  6. Guest22375990

    itssssssssssss so hard

  7. Guest21133886
  8. Guest20621906
  9. Guest20084261
    You CAN search it up on Google if that dosen't work then... ask a friend or go on youtube!
  10. Guest19897595
  11. Guest19609368
    they kill ben ):
  12. Guest19563742
    yo mama !
  13. Guest19173354
    par,charlie,iron maiden,passerby,hide & seek and noctural actuly i finished the game!
  14. Guest18868092
    what is cheat after nocturnal please tell me
  15. Guest18690518
    nocturnal is the last one but it is SO HARD!
  16. Guest16748245
    i finished game
  17. Guest16719137
    nocturnal is the code to the last one but when u beat the last one thats the end of the game
  18. Guest16699780
    omg the last lvl is soo had ive tried like 100 times
  19. Guest16677209
    put in nocturnal for the level where you have to save charlie.
  20. Guest16497171
    guest 15260008,none of these codes work.
  21. Guest16367713
    put in FOOTLESS an there we GO!!!!
  22. Guest14874228
    i finnally beat it took me 3 tries. nocturnal is last level
  23. Guest14831072
    hide and seek
  24. Guest14751827
    nocturnal is the farthest that I got.
  25. Guest14721723
    par and passerby
  26. Guest14721723
  27. Guest14678669
    level 1 is: bloodpile level 2 is: head shot level 3 is: ouch
  28. Guest14664599
    suck it

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