what are the communication facilities for disater management?

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with explanation

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    Over the last few decades, a numbers of countries have set up disaster management information systems according to their own specific needs. Disasters are unpredictable and occur suddenly like earthquake, floods, drought and cyclone etc. Communication facilities for disaster management system is most important act as it convey at the right time communication in disaster,it may handle disaster and helping to decrease it. Two type of information needs in disaster management * Pre disaster information: Question arise that how to get pre disaster information? It is getting from the research and analysis department of the geography in the country. * Post disaster information: After the disaster, our first job is to find out where and where it was occurs. What is the next step to help people? Now a days Satellite communication play a major role in disaster management communication. Communication facilities can be set up for rescue and relief operation purposes. That type of early warning system developed at the different area’s by itself. Here are the disaster communication facilities: * DCWDS Digital Cyclone Warning Dissemination System set at Delhi and other coast area. It is for the pre disaster information. * The WLL - VSAT system is in terms of handsets which can be easily taken inside of the affected areas and sends information by direct audio communication. * The MSS Type C reporting terminal developed for the sending short messages directly through satellite in remote area. * AES-SNG is a system which can send video pictures of the affected area for online review from the control center. * Tele medicine: It is one more step for the disaster management communication. In this system, on line help can be provided from the hospital and super specialty doctors. Only connect up link to laptop or PC and get the online information about cure. Hope it helps!

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