what are some techniques for women to mastrubate?

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what are some techniques for women to mastrubate?

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  1. Guest28124209

     Rub your C**t in a circular motion fast or move your fingers up and down in your v****a


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  4. Guest28058840

     makes me wish I could try 

  5. Guest20569085
    Use the handle of your hair brush. Insert it into your v****a and ride away!
  6. Guest20542834
    Get a big black d**k you wont need to play with your self.
  7. Guest20529328
    put finger inside the puzzy and imaging I am f*****g you, ok dont change the mind ok, move the finger in and out through the clitorious, second hand rubb the niples, hope you will get satisfied, sure ? otherwise call me cont no. 010 name - f****r.
  8. Guest18891198
    Take a manstartional pad. Stick the sticky part onto your v****a. rub you v****a onto a pilow vary fast. Or, strock your v****a super fast. you feel like cumming. For the boys, take Squeeze your d**k very hard and stroke it very fast.
  9. Guest16818008
    why we dont want to mastrubate daily. if we feel s*x daily then wt we will do.
  10. Guest13142279
    Take a water massager (the kind that goes on the side of the tub), turn it on the setting of your choice. Turn so that the water pulsates on your C**t. Do it until you climax with delight, over and over again. You'll love this thing!
  11. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Guys might try this with their f******n and dickhead: First of all you may want a friend for some help, but all you do is get a Q-tip and put some Vaseline or lube on it, then you sit with your legs spread. Pull the hood of your C**t back and rub the Q-tip lightly over just your little C**t. Then either you or your friend can put a vibrator inside of you until you are cumming with delight! Slip 'n' Slide Not just for leftovers: Wrap a bunched up towel with Saran Wrap and put lube on it. It makes for a serious orgasmic experience. Put a few pillows together, place the wet, slippery towel on them and then ride it! It feels so naughty. d***o Sculpture Like putty in your hands: Go to an art store and buy some Plastiline clay. It's gray, and comes in blocks, about 4 lbs. Mold it into any shape d**k you like, and stick a condom on it. Then you can use it as a d***o. The good thing is, you can always remold this clay. It's very realistic feeling. Baster Suction New use for a classic kitchen implement: Take the rubber bulb off a turkey baster and place it over your C**t. Then squeeze it and release to create suction on your C**t. It feels just like someone is sucking your p***y. Just Bead It! No wonder folks go nuts for those shiny trinkets: I get a Mardi Gras necklace (beads) and cut it so it's one long string. Then I put it between my legs and hold it with one hand in front and one hand behind me. I saw it back and forth over my C**t until I c*m. It's amazing and cheaper than a vibrator. Kodak Moment Also works with those rubber snake bite kits: Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. l**k the rim of it and put it over your C**t. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your p***y. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water. Carrot on C**t We tried it with Ranch Dressing, but it was too messy: Lie on the bed and bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the mattress with your knees pointing up. Close your legs tight. Take a medium-size carrot and lube it with olive oil or baby oil. You may drop a little oil directly on your C**t. Insert the carrot in your slit so that it doesn't go inside your v****a but is rubbing your C**t. Start slow, then go very fast and keep rubbing it. The faster you rub the more pleasure you get. When you feel you are cumming, close your legs more tightly and lift up your hips and keep rubbing. You will have a great o****m. Frosty Freeze Cools you off on a hot day: Take a butter knife with a rounded handle and put it in the refrigerator. When it gets nice and cold, take the knife out and stick the handle in your p***y. The coldness will feel really good inside and against your C**t. More Shower Power The drawback is that you'll notice the tile needs cleaning: Turn on the shower and adjust the temperature to your liking. Get on all fours and position yourself in the shower stream so it massages your a*s while teasing your nipples. Then turn the faucet on and lie on your back underneath it. Let it pulsate on your a*****e and then let it massage your C**t until you explode. Maxi-mum Pleasure Here's one time you'll be happy to "ride the cotton pony": Get a maxi pad and soak it in some warm-to-hot water then put into to your panties. Ride something, like the edge of the tub. Go as fast or as slow as you like. Sometimes you have to stop and warm it up with some more water, but the warm, wet pressure is great! Venus Razor Fan For the extra dexterous, try shaving your p***y while you w**k: Take a nice hot bath, then put your Venus razor to work. Insert the handle end of it into your v****a turned sideways. Then as it gets pretty deep, turn it over with the rubber part downward. Start slow but then get super super super fast. Those ridges are spectacular!

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