what are some cool ideas for student council?

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Hi i had just started middle school and i moved but at my old school we didnt have student council and i need some kool ideas

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    i can tell u some but dont use it because i have already use it and i am running 4 student council at my skool
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, spirit week, definitely halloween's coming up, so I guess you can do something about that, we used to have competitions for seniors VS juniors/sophomores/ little competitive events like dance(group) ofcourse, sack race.....little things during the pep rallys......that always gets the rivalry heated......since most schools don't allow hats/caps you guys can have a hat/cap Day, in which ppl can wear whatever they desire..........we used to have autograph days 2 days any week, where ppl would wear white t-shirts and other ppl would write on their shirts with pink green or blue highlighters.........we also used to have Nerd days, pretty sure you can guess what that was about........hahaha......we also used to have pro/college sports day, on which we used to allow kids to wear any team any sport, basically reprezent your Pro/college Team..... we used to have Fast-a-thon at our school as a fund raiser, where kids who weren't muslims(followers of Islam) would try fasting for an entire day(dusk till dawn) without food or water to understand their peers and respect them as fellow humans, and then we would get pledges from local businesses per non-muslim person fasting, and would have school funded food in the gym at dusk so everyone could eat.........together and understand more about the religion they themselves have been brought up to dislike......and so on and so forth, that was one of our very successful ones.........and then definitely you get the money to charity that provides food for the sick and the homeless/needy......but since Ramadan is almost over, i'd do it ASAP......and get some muslims involved in this, they'll be more than happy to assist you....... i'm not sure if you guys have Entertainment Books available to you or not, when I was in high school you could sell those and make a bunch of money off of those.......ask a faculty member about that. can't think of anything else right now, will elaborate when I remember hope this helps........

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