what are most common ailments of tongue?

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"I am doing research on ailments of tongue, so I want to know the common ones! If anyone knows then do tell me."

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  1. James Augustus

    Some tongue ailments are given below:
    Loss of taste:
    It is a very sensitive ailment which one can lose his or her sense of taste which is a chemical sense that is activatedwhen you eat and drink.
    Sore tongue:
    A sore tongue is a kind of trauma, that may be because of biting your tongue, or eating piping-hot or highly acidic food or drink. Other reasons of a sore tongue are:
    You can suffer this if your bottom and top teeth don’t fit together correctly.
    • You can suffer a sore tongue when you grind your teeth (bruxism).
    • Disorders such as some types of vitamin deficiency, anaemia, diabetes, and certain skin diseases can include a sore tongue among the range of symptoms.
    • A sore tongue sometimes can be caused by other disorders such as black hairy tongue.
    Black hairy tongue:
    The name ‘black hairy tongue’ is given because the tongue surface looks black. It might also be dark brown, yellow, white or green. The tongue papillae are constantly regenerating themselves and, usually, new cells replace old cells. Black hairy tongue is caused by the old cells failure to shed. The cause is not identified so far, but risk factors might be:
    • Poor oral hygiene could be the reason of this ailment
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Particular antibiotics can cause this disease
    • It could be the result of Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancers of the neck and head
    • Poorly managed diabetes.
    A burning sensation on the tongue surface is the main symptom of the glossodynia. Causes of glossodynia are:
    • Local infections, such as oral thrush (candidiasis)
    • Damage to the lingual nerve
    • Damage to nerves of the mouth during dental extractions
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Various vitamin deficiencies
    • Medication for Particular diseases, such as diuretics and some blood pressure drugs.

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