Western film title.

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Hey there, I am trying to find a film that starred Kirk Douglas as an ex-gunfighter just out of prison and Lee Marvin a retired sheriff of the town Kirk is staying after shooting one of the residences. It is a comedy film. A one liner in it that might help is when Kirk and a Female (English school teacher) whom he took as a hostage are having s*x with her on top and he looks at her and says (Lady, you scare the h**l out of me!) I thought the name of it was the last gunfighter but had no luck with the title...can u help?

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    I think the movie is called “Draw” It's a 1984 TV-movie starring Kirk Douglas and James Coburn (not Lee Marvin). Though I don't believe it was ever released on video or DVD, it is possible there may be a copy available from a private collector.
    Draw! is a 1984 American/Canadian comedy western film by Steven Hilliard Stern. In this picture Kirk Douglas is Handsome Harry Holland, a retired gunfighter pops into a small village prolonged enough to win numerous currency in a poker game from the provincial spoiled affluent brat. Holland tries to receive his winnings and withdraw, but kills the habitation sheriff in self defense later bringing a bullet in the leg, and retains a traveling Shakespearean actress Alexandra Bastedo hostage in her hotel room. The habitation panics and deputy Graham Jarvis withdraws to receive legendary lawman Sam Starret, played by James Coburn. The years have not been fashion to Coburn, any person who is a forcing alcoholic. As Douglas and Bastedo drop in love, Jarvis literally hauls an incoherent Coburn behind to town. Douglas and Coburn have a friendly history, after they were not endeavoring to kill each other, and Douglas close to underscores Coburn's appeal to surrender. Enter the circuit court judge, a man any person who Douglas maimed years ago. He makes no bones come seal his longing to swing Douglas, and Coburn and Douglas are compelled to face off in a final showdown.

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