were any males forced as young boys to swim naked in front of women and young girls?

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were any males forced as young boys to swim naked in front of women and young girls?

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  1. Guest28447929

    Yes around 10yo, a frind and I were sneeking in to someones yard to see a pool. The owener caught us and told us to swim naked for him or he would call the cops. It was scary and fun. Hw told us to suck each other, smothing we did anyway. The weard part was that he took pictures of us sucking eachother and said he would show them at our school if we dident stay out of his yard. We did and He dident, show them.

  2. Guest28398132

    <p>&nbsp;I do not believe underage girls watched underage boys swim nude. It simply would not have been allowed.</p>

  3. Guest28387698

     boys swimming nude is O.K. but I get sick to my stomach every time I hear that girls were allowed to watch. this is wrong.

  4. Guest28386411

     I was on the 14-15 boys swim team at he YMCA.  We practice without suits and at swim meets.  My mother and my sisters came for the meets and watched.  I saw 6 or 8 girls from my class that I knew whose brothers were on the 10-12 swim team.  The first time I walked out in front of my mom and other girls was difficult, but I got used to it and even enjoyed it.  Our 14-15 year old swim team got a lot of attention from girls our age.  Several high school women teachers who had young sons attended.  After the meet we stood around wearing nothing as the mothers and girls came to congratulate us.  We enjoyed the attention.  One of the girls asked if we minded them watching us.  With each meet the number of girls my age grew, I found out that they were calling there friends and telling them to come us us.  At the last meet there were probably 10 girls we knew watching us including my girl friend and her mom.  Two of the other boys on our swim team went to my school so the girls had a lot to look at.  When school started it was exiting to sit next to girls who had seen us without suits.  They were always very friendly and smiled a lot when they looked at us.  

  5. Guest28108713

    I moved to North Texas when I was 14.  I wasn't a very experienced swimmer, so my mom enrolled me in a begginer swimming class at the Y.  The majority of the boys were aorund 10 and I was the oldest in this class.  I recognized a couple of the boys from my neighborhood who had sisters my age.  There was another boy around 13 who was extremely obese.  I had heard that men and  boys swam nude at the Y so it didn't surprise me that they asked us to shower then line up at the door to the pool sans suits.  The doors opened and we proceeded to walk single-file out to the pool.  Imagine my mortification when I looked up and saw bleachers across the pool populated by the moms and siblings of the boys in the class.  I instinctly covered myself with my hands.  At 14 I was obviously more developed than the 10 year olds in the class.  The fat kid seemed similarly surprised and turned beet red.  When we stopped to listen to the instructor I gazed at the stands.  A sharp tingle went up my spine when I realized I was standing completely nude in front of two girls my age who had little brothers in the class.  They seemed similarly surprised and giggled to each other before being reprimanded by one of the mothers.  Howerver, they were allowed to remain and observe the boys...and me.  I tried to cover myself as much as possible when I was out of the pool for the first few lessons.   After the third or fourth lesson, I just gave up and didn't even attempt to cover myself, realizing that they had already seen me.  Plus I figured I must look better to them than the 10 year olds and the fat kid. Not surpisingly, the girls didn't miss a lesson that spring.  Sometimes they would even bring a friend of thiers along.    In some strange way, I came to enjoy the "exposure" and giving the attentive girls a lesson in the male anatomy.

  6. Guest23256492

    What is wrong with nudity?

                                           Answer nothing is wrong with nudity, i love being naked, i once belonged to a nudist club, there were nude girls, middle aged women, old women, all were naked, men never got erections looking at the naked female body, we held dances nude, when i danced with a naked women i could feel her naked body pressed up against me i am not saying i never felt sexualy aroused because that would not be true but if the lady felt that i was getting excited and an erection was forth coming she would hold my hand and we would go outside satisfy each other nobody else would be worried that we had just had s*x that was our business after all we are only human i enjoy s*x the female body is an object of great beauty it has entrances for the male to explore,and also to enter, entering a ladies body is heavenly, i can't get enough s*x

                  s*x loving Englishman any ladies want me inside there body?

  7. Guest23214349

    Many times as a young boy (11) I was made to swim nude with my sister (9) in a suit. It was really embarrassing having her getting to see me nude and know what boys looked like but I couldn't see hers! I would get embarrassed and grow as she watched often at a beach or at the lake where other girls got to see me nude too. My sister thought it was funny seeing me erect in front of girls I just met. She would tease me about it and giggle as I could only let them look! It was humiliating knowing they knew what boys had down there.

  8. Guest23113688

    My Mother took me to the ymca in downtown Milwaukee in 1970 when i had just turned 12 years old for swim lessons. The guy at the desk waited until there were a half a dozen or so of us and then herded us all down to the locker room where we were assigned a locker and told to undress. After a bit of embarassment we all managed to get naked and were led into the showers and told to clean up and when done to follow him out a side door where I assumed we would be getting our swim trunks. I grabbed a towel from a basket there and wrapped it around myself as i walked through the door finding myself next to the pool with the guy from the desk yelling at me to take my place. Not having a chance to think I started to hurry to the edge of pool and then noticed there were bleachers set up on the far end of the pool I was walking towards and my moms face in the crowd. It took a lot to drop my towel that day and take my place next to the other boys, but am glad I had the experience. By the way, mom never made it to another swim lesson.

  9. Guest21202257
    between the ages of 12 and 15 I was put in the position of exercising and swimming nude under the supervision of women with girls present not nude. It was at a YMCA in Texas. Most of the time my swimming instructors were male. Women staff and mom's would be there. The girls pool was right next to ours but they wore suits. When I was 14 our coach left and the girls coach took over for four months. She exercised us naked including jumping jacks, which I hated. Also my mom had me go to a female doctor so I had to go through that with my mom and my sisters there and not say a word. Lastly when I was thirteen I got a lung infection, had a 105 degree temperature for five days, and got put in the hospital for over a month. The last three weeks I had physical therapy because I lost so much weight and that was basically me naked in front of the nurses, exercising.
  10. Guest20156219
    As a young boy my brothers and myself always swam naked until ou early teens. It did not matter where we were, or if there were females around. It never seemed unusual, even when there were women and young girls wearing swim suits present. I think some neighbors thought it was strange at first, but soon accepted it. We were taught that it is normal for boys to be seen naked. That was back in the late 50's and early 60's I don't think people would be as comfortable with that today.

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