What is the ideal weight for ballet dance?

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I have recently started ballet quite late because I am 14 and I was wondering if I was too fat to do ballet. I am 5 ft and 4 inch and weight around 110lbs. I want to know about the ideal weight for ballet dance and ballet. Can someone tell me?

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  1. Judi

     Ballet dance is known all around the world and started in Italian Renaissance courts in 15th century. It is a formalized kind of dance performance. Ballet dance concert was more distant deduced in France, England, and in Russia. For those who want to learn the ballet dance, First of it is reliant on how aged you are. Aged dancers burden more than younger. Elevation does not subject though some school may have a favorite larger dancers and in auditions high dancers may get better responsibilities for instance solos.
    Accurate classical rhythmical motion dancers want to be like 10 pounds less than the midpoint someone their age. But your hard elements have burden to some have expanded hard elements. Some have slighter don't become entirely silly about your weight the perfect heaviness for an expert choreography person who promenades is 85lbs at 5' add 5lbs for every inch taller. So at 5' 6'' you should be 115lbs. 110lbs is presently on the lithe side. I am afraid that you are immobile selling with yourself photo if you consider 110 at 5' ft 4inch" is heavy. If you like to be a dancing someone, which is to be one of the hardest toiling athletes on the planet, you will have to take outstanding care of your tool, which is your body. You will deficiency items of brawn and brawn weighs more than fat.

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