Where to find some good examples of web photo page design?

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I want to create some WebPages for my photos and I need to have a look at some web photo pages design so that I could have good ideas about photo gallery web page design. Could you please tell me where would I get web photo page design examples.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    SlideshowZilla is a new and compact slide show Flash tool which helps to display photo album and slideshows on the website. With many preset themes available, you can make XML driven photo gallery for different websites. SlideshowZilla is a new template based Flash tool, so that you don't need to know about XML or FLASH coding. You can Just simply select the desired template and create the SWF photo slideshow with some few clicks. There is a three-step workflow that makes you to create eye-catching photo slideshow in few minutes. Each of these templates can then be customized in terms of movie size, load style and some other flash control options. SlideshowZilla will be the easiest way to make the styled slideshow that matches your own website design.
    Web Album Maker is a new web photo album generator that creates an online photo slideshow from the digital photos by using unique and highly professional Flash or the HTML theme templates. When you are finished with this task, you can then upload your photo album to the web site which you are uploading or planning to develop or upload. The appearance of the generated photo albums can then be fully configured through the use of these skins or scripts. There is no need for an extra software in order to view albums, just by your web browser.

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