Any issue with bigger tires/rims?

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I am an expert on the Suzuki portion of the site, and am asking for your best guess involving tires/rims. I have got an 87 Samurai with a load of modifications wrangler springs spoa, much lower t-case and diff ratios. The question is, previously I had Kumho 31x11.50s and now have Interco 34x9.50s on much offset 8 rims, and the tire manufacturing site gives specs for a 7 rim. All the guys in the jeep club swear that when I air down to 13-15psi, I will unseat the bead, and just HAVE TO get bead lockers.

These are on a vehicle with a gross weight of 2900 and a functional fully loaded trail weight of just under 2500. What is your best guess? I really do not want to go to bead locks with all the attendant cost and air leak issues. I never had a problem before as long as I did not drop below 10psi. What is your best guess?


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  1. John

    My best guess, huh?

    I do not have much experience with off roading, so I am quite a bit out of my element. I tend to think that experience is a better teacher. Let me try to give you some good piece of info.

    But I do not think 13 to 15 psi is too low, provided there is not a lot of sideways force put on the tire. I hope you can understand very well. Sideways force really works, and 13 to 15 is not much.


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