waltham pendulum clock (Korean made, 31 day chime, double wind)

by Guest5309609  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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The clock stops working (the pendulum stops swinging)
approx 1 hour after resetting the pendulum in motion.
(While the pendulum is swinging the clock keeps time just fine.)




  1. Guest23351611

    what is the price of the waltham pendulum clock 31chime doublewind korean wall hung

  2. Guest22862026

    faceing the clock, what does the left keywind actually wind...time,or chime?

    also how do you actualy start the clock,hour, and 1/2 hour chimes to be syncronized ?

    any instruction books ?

  3. Guest22569084

    The pendlum will only swing when clock is propped up one inch on right hand side from level.  Whats my problem?


  4. Guest22550059

    I took my clock off the wall to paint.  when I put it back up it would only swing for a very short time and stop.  tried leveling it, made sure it was flush to the wall (top to bottom).  Its wound.  It will swing back and forth when I take the pedulum off (at a pretty fast tempo).  whats wrong?

  5. Guest22292788

     the clock works but doesnt chime i can it trying but it wont  chime how do i fix it

  6. Guest19269622
    I have a Waltham pendulum double wind chime clock. Do I wind the left or the right side first?
  7. Guest16832970
    chimes to fast
  8. Guest11334724
    Could need oiling. But most likely the clock is not perfectly level. Must be level in both directions. A third possibility is interference caused by vibrations; another clock nearby or on the same wall can do this.
  9. Guest11310712
    Could be it needs winding, or may be not level. time the swing right and swing left, it should be equal. Best to use a bubble level set inside under the pendulum.

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