walmart my share benefits

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what are the walmart my share benefits about

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  1. Guest28405735

     I started at Walmart on June 29-16 am I qualified to get the my share quartely bonus

  2. Guest28020085

    how much was the last bonus check for store 1367


  3. Guest22607201

    i started at wal-mart on may 26th 2010 am i entited to the my share check on march17th.

  4. Guest22060831

    The store has a quarterly bonus check that is given out to all of its employees that (i was told) had to be working at their current store at least 6 months.  If the store earns a profit then it is divided among associates.  The more profit the bigger the share that each gets.  The amount is based on your amount of hours worked during the period.  The more hours that you are on the clock the more the check is.  I  do not know precise information about how it is computed.  If you have been there at least a year then you get a full share;  and less than that you get 1/2 of a share.  There is rumor that this "share"  is going to be discontinued.  But it is only rumor at this point.  Most associates work hard in their jobs and look forward to any $$ to show appreciation.  Even $50 is better than $0.   You know Wal-mart doesnt have to give you anything-  but this is a nice "Thank-you" for performing Your best.  As of November 28, 2010,  our store is due to give this out on Dec 9, 2010.   We will see......

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