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  1. Guest28106595

     is jeju island is visa free for pakistanis?





  2. Jacob

    List of Visa Free Countries for Pakistani Nationals
    Here is the list of countries which offers Visa Free Entry or give visa on arrival to persons having Pakistani Passport. Pakistani citizens enjoy visa-free access to 32 countries and territories for short-term tourism visits. Pakistan is ranked 79th in terms of international travel freedom, which is one of the lowest scores in the world. The following countries granted the visa free travel or visa on arrival with Pakistani Passport.
    Dominica (Visa free for 25 days).
    Haiti (Visa free for 3 months).
    Montserrat (Visa free for 3 months).
    Saint Kitts and Nevis (Visa free for 1 month).
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Visa free for 1 month).
    Trinidad and Tobago (Visa free).
    Turks and Caicos Islands (Visa free for 30 days).
    Iran (Visa on arrival for 15 days)
    Laos (Visa granted upon arrival for 30 days; one passport photo required).
    Macau (Visa on arrival for 30 days)
    Maldives (Visa granted upon arrival for 30 days).
    Nepal (Visa granted upon arrival for 60 days).
    Sri Lanka (Visa granted upon arrival for 30 days).
    Timor-Leste (Visa granted upon arrival for 30 days).
    Burundi (Visa granted upon arrival).
    Comoros (Visa granted upon arrival).
    Djibouti (Visa granted upon arrival for 10 days or 1 month).
    Egypt (Visa granted upon arrival for 14 days for visiting South Sinai resorts only).
    Kenya (Visa granted upon arrival for 3 months).
    Madagascar (Visa granted upon arrival for 90 days).
    Mozambique (Visa granted upon arrival).
    Seychelles Visa free for 30 days
    Togo (Visa granted upon arrival for 7 days).
    Uganda (Visa granted upon arrival).
    Cook Islands (Visa free for 31 days).
    Federated States of Micronesia (Visa free for 30 days)
    Niue (Visa free for 30 days)
    Palau (Visa granted upon arrival for 30 days).
    Samoa (Visa free for 30 days)
    Tuvalu (Visa granted upon arrival for 1 month).
    Vanuatu (Visa free for 25 days)
    Fiji (Visa granted upon arrival for 90 days).


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