vintage 1852 paul masson rare souzao port cuvee 301s

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how much it is?

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  1. Guest22452635


    can you tell me Paul Masson SINCE 1852 alcoholic or not

    Thank you


  2. Guest20888428
    I have a bottle of Pall Masson Rare Cream Sherry with a small label on the original label that says cuvee no 001C. It has never been opened and the label has not been broken. The contents might not be as good but what is the bottle worth? It's is brown and shaped like a heart, 8 1/2" by 6".
  3. Guest12681622
    vintage 1852 paul masson rare souzao port cuvee 301s how much it is?
  4. Ali Abdullah
    hi, This is pretty good wine, but it is also really pushing the edges of age by now. WHile I think you might be able to sell these bottles at auction, I doubt you would get more than about $50-75 each for them. THe big concern would be that unless they have been stored in perfect conditions, they might well be past their prime. If they were mine, I would open them on special occasions in the next couple of years and enjoy them with friends or family. hope it helps

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