Valve stem repair help

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I have a car with about 15,000 miles on it. Slow leak in front tire. I soaped the valve stem and it is bubbling where the threaded cylinder piece enters the large housing of the valve stem. I can take car back to dealer but is there a simple way to tighten the parts and save the trip? I am really confused with this and looking for some serious help in it. Can someone give me any useful advice over this? I would really appreciate the favor. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Automobile Guru

    Hey there, if you are talking about under the valve cap, then there is an easy way to tighten the valve core. There is a special tool that looks like a screwdriver with a fork on the end - called a valve core tool. Most auto parts stores will have them.

    But some metal valve caps also have the ability to tighten the valve core. Look at all your vehicles, bikes, motorcycles - anything that has a tire valve. But if your leak is not under the valve cap, then wrenches are in order and it would be best if you have a professional look at it. I have experienced this problem once and try the methods I have mentioned above. These really work and you will get rid of the problem. That is all I can share here. Best of luck with the repair, Hope my answer will help you.


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