Upsizing / different size rims.

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I would like to beef up the look of the wheels/tires on my 97 club cab Dodge Dakota. The truck came with some real ugly/cheap wheels with 215/75/15s on it. I would like to go with a 16in wheel. I know it is important to keep the overall tire height the same so as not to throw off the speedo. What other factors do I have to consider and what would you recommend for a good wide tire/wheel look?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You're right, the overall diameter is important to keep the speedo accurate. There are a number of calculators available - here's one:

    You'll want to be within 3%. The next thing to consider is that the wheel width is good for the tire size you've chosen. Take a look at the rim width range on the tire specs that are published - try to stay away from the extremes. You'll need to select wheels that have the proper offset so the tires don't rub on anything on the inside or the outside. And last but not least, you'll need to look out for tires that are just plain too wide. I think the best way to get all these answers is to talk to someone at one of these on line clubs or a web site devoted to your vehicle. They can probably help you a whole lot more that I can. There are other specifications of tyres which match according to the number of the previous figure that you have mentioned which is 215/75/15s. There might be a tyre available with the rim of 16 inch with the size of 205/65/16. However it is advisable that you keep the other dimensions same and go for searching a tyre of size 215/75/16.

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