uniden dect 6.0 handset not ringing

by Guest18178263  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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the cordless phone is connected to Vonage, I am getting a call but the cordless is not ringing

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  1. Guest22508427

    If the ringer on the handset is off, the word 'OFF' is displayed in the upper left corner of the handset display. The volume control for the handset is turned on by the round button between the 'menu' and 'clear' button. Depress the 'up arrow' once. this will display the volume indicator for the volume. Each time the 'up arrow' button is pressed, the volume of the handset ringer will increase.

  2. Guest18551693
    I unplugged and plugged back in... It worked for me. Also, make sure all jacks have a filter if ur internet is connected thru line.... even if there is not a phone attached.

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