Tips to search job for a Art school graduate.

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Hi I just graduated from art school with a BFA and I really want a career in the arts. I live in NYC and I would love to be come an art consultant but i am having a really hard time getting my foot in the door, I am smart and have been told I could do well in this industry, but I cant even get hired as a gallery sitter. what can I do to better improve my options?

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  1. mae mole

     Post sample artworks to different design sites online. You can start building your name there. Join exhibits and contests. Or, you could check helpful sites like JobsDB or Jobstreet to check for job vacancies. 

  2. Guest23259672

    Hello Joanna,

    Assuming you have done all the basics [checked the NYTimes classifieds, Village Voice ads, etc, Art Calendar Mag. Art Business Mag...... Go on line to; registered with temp. Agencies etc] suggestion is that you put together a crisp one page background resume with job objectives, etc., and carry many of them with you in number 10 envelopes give them out to people you meet that might have leads on the type of jobs you are looking to find. Also drop into the major [and minor] museums, art auction houses, and drop off your resume [in a nice envelope addressed to Director, Human Resources Department, You'll need to get aggressive in a nice way!

    Have you checked with your art school where you received your BFA to see if they provide job leads?

    Barring and all of the above get a job in the financial industry as a temporary career and keep working toward your goals. Best of luck


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