My ankles and upper legs began to swell, help needed?

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I have been taking medicine due to problems with my low thyroid function. But i still feel problem with my legs and feet and they were still swelling. Can anyone help?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    First of all you should look for the symptoms of the low thyroid function so that you can be sure that there is problem with your thyroid function.
    Following are the symptoms of low thyroid function:
    You can feel fatigue, exhaustion, you can feel sluggish.
    There can feelings of sadness, feelings of worthlessness, you can also feel restlessness and depression.
    You might also loose interest in normal day activities.
    Loss of concentration and poor memory can result due to low thyroid function.
    Pains and aches can arise in the body.
    Blood pressure can become low
    Dizziness with or without headaches can occur.
    There are some tests such as T3 and T4 tests which can be conducted to check about the thyroid function. Sometime the T3 level drops and thyroid malfunctioning occurs. There is a proper amount of the dose of thyroid that has to be taken, if you take excess amount of dose then hotness, sweatness, anxiety, tremor, palpitations can arise.
    There is treatment suggested by Dr Wilson, and he writes about the thyroid functions which have been proven right. Which says that thyroid functions tell us about our good health and state of sever illness.
    There are stages of thyroid malfunctions and diseases. If it is early detected then it can be cured. Sometimes the symptoms do not appear in the beginning and they damage some of your body part. In such case it is very difficult to recover that area or part of body.
    There is a unique treatment that has developed to correct the low thyroid function. The main focus is to get the body temperature back to normal range. This can be done by taking adequate amount of T3 medication at specific times of the day based on taking temperature measurements. Many suggest that if this process of treatment is carried out properly, in just few weeks the thyroid will start functioning normally.

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