Tyre mounting pastes for the tyres.

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Is there any recommended mounting paste for tyres fitted to alloy wheel rims ( motorcycle ) as I appear to be getting oxidization from the paste I have used causing slight leakage

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are many pastes available for mounting tires (I prefer a liquid called Ru-Glyde), and they are available through any tire equipment supplier. In the US, Myers Tire Supply is pretty much the \"big elephant\" in the industry.
    There is a 3.8 litre Gaither Super Slick tyre lubricant for mounting and demounting tubeless truck and bus tyre. The SSE should always be applied before deflating the tyre. The lubricant help in breaking the bead as the air is released and the lubricant will penetrate between rim and the tyre. Another quality of SSE is that it will not cause any rust nor it will freeze as SSE is a non water based lubricant. This paste can be used with all Gaither tyre changing tools and also with the Bead Vice bead breaker. Some other good type of pastes for the tyres are
    Michelin TIGRE-80 Tyre Mounting Grease 4kg for Truck & Bus Tyres
    Pink Panther Grease Gel Rim Seal: 4kg PPG04
    ECONOSEAL Tyre Bead Sealing / Mounting Compound: 5 kg tub 137200
    SOCOLUB Tyre Lubricant Spray for Motorcycle & Car Tyres
    Before applying the paste make sure that the surface on which you are applying the paste must be clean from dust . Applying paste is good specially in mounting and dismantling tyres from the rim as it makes the surface of the rubber smooth preventing in any further damage.

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