What is the real tire life?

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I bought my car in 1998 it was ex factory I used it lightly for 43000 km. The tires look in very good condition when I inspect them they are not worn and there are no cracks or bulges and when washed they look brand new. I heard that tires have a limited life even if they were used sparingly. Please tell me if I have to change my tires after 43000 km and not a single tire was punctured during that time. If you have some reliable information than please share with me.


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  1. John


    The current thinking is that there is a limited time span of usefulness to the rubber in tires regardless of whether the tire was used or not. The limits have been expressed between 6 and 10 years.

    So based on your information, I would say it is time for you to replace your tires. Old tire may affect the speed of your car. Believe it or not whether you buy new or an old tire, if you are not using it than after a certain time limit, tires are useless and there is no need to use such useless tires. Remember using old tires or expired ones can cause you a lot of trouble. It might happen that you are on a long route and your tire bursts in the middle of the road. Than what you going to do, so keep it simple and use a tire for a certain time, which is recommended by the company as well.



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