What are the two main Types of Tire?

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What is the main difference between a radial and nonracial tyre? Why and when should one prefer a radial tyre? What are its advantages?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Radial tyre is also known as radial ply tyre. It was first built in the year 1915 by the Arthur W. Savage. He was a successful tyre manufacture and inventor who was living in San Diego, in the California state. There are many advantages of radial tyre as compared to the conventional tyre and because of that it has now become a standard design for all the automotive industry tyres. These tyres are not just fabricated from rubber, If they were made just from rubber, they would be weak and too much flexible and thus it would have been impossible to use them in such condition. So in these tyres there are series of plies of cords which are used for reinforcement. The combination of layers of rubbers and cords of polyster, steel and other textile materials are required to make a tyre strong. The network of these cords are known as carcass that give the tyre strength.
    Radial tires are worlds beyond bias ply tires. Bias ply tires are much, much harder for the engine to turn and are much harder for the suspension to compensate for. Bias ply tires are almost no longer used. That goes for America at least. Judging from your spelling of the word "tyre" you are probably located somewhere in Europe would be my guess. I am not aware of the availability of radial or bias ply tires in your area, but I would imagine that it is not much different than over here. I hope this answers your question. Any follow-ups are welcome.

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