Playing sir Andrew Aguecheek part in school production.

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Hi, I am acting the part of sir Andrew Aguecheek in a school production. It is all going very well (being an idiot) except the voice of the character. I feel there should be somthing different to my natural voice but I am not quite sure what. Could you help me? I want to give my best this time but still confused. Someone please give some advice or suggestion on this.

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  1. Guest23268950

    Hey there,

    Nope, I can't help with this one. What you are doing vocally in interpreting a role is something that a director or coach needs to hear in person to judge if it works for the role and what, if anything you should change or adjust to make the character work.

    Not every character needs a special character voice. Many, including most of Shakespeare's, work just fine with an actor's natural voice, since it is his words and actions that bring the humor to the role, not physical or vocal gymnastics. And what is required varies hugely from production to production. There is no one right voice for Sir Andrew. Each director has to make that judgment for his or herself depending on what they want in the character.

    So the person you should be asking this question of is your director, not anyone online who can't know what is in the director's mind or what you sound like or could sound like. For all I know, your voice may be perfect for the role. Or I might think so and your director not. Or vice versa

    so ask your director if s/he thinks you need to use a character voice and, if so, what s/he thinks might work for the character as he sees it.

    Oh... and by the way... It is Twelfth NIGHT (as in the holiday 12 days after Christmas), not Twelfth KNIGHT (as in Sir Lancelot)!

    Best of luck with your acting

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