tv shuts off as soon as i turn it on

by Guest14477769  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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When i push the power button to turn tv on the tv green light will flicker a couple of times and then the tv shuts right back off

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  1. Guest19330579
    VS50603 green led will turn on and go off The green light goes on but rapidly turns off. There is a single click noise

  2. Guest16532032
    i bought a lcd flatscreen and it did that. i found a bad capacitor. 700 dlr tv that i bought for 60 with a 4dlr fix. powered on blinked and shut off.
  3. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, There are a few reasons your TV would shut off by itself. It could be loss of vertical or horizontal deflection or more. Thanks

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