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I have two questions, the first is I have slightly hyperextended legs, which make it difficult to stand in first position, my knees overlap... what can I do about this and should I try to not completely straighten my knees?  Second, are there any tips for doing turns en pointe, I have been en pointe for 3 years now and my pirouettes and fouette's are impossible en pointe.  My pique turns are ok, but not great.. I am not good with being on a single leg en pointe.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Mitchel

    If you wish to improve your turns on pointe shoes, i would advice you to ask your teacher, to watch you when you make turns. She will definitely tell you what are the issues with your turns. Still make sure that you are not holding the rotation of your supporting leg when you start your turn. Make sure that your supporting foot is directly under you when you turn.

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