The Mysterious Holes.

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I have my question regarding some mysterious holes that we see in our lawns. They are as big as about 3 inches in diameter. We live 50 miles south of the Chicago area in Grundy County, Illinois. How can we find out about who is making these holes? Could they be made by rabbits as there are lots of them around but the thing is that there are no little hills of the ground around the holes?

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  1. Harry

    This is something which seems very much mysterious as it sounds so. There are many animals that do keep making these little tunnels in the ground. If they are rabbits then for sure there will be those little hills of the soil around the holes and they may not be in a perfect circular shape. Same goes for the rats as well, since they do not make such holes. The other possibility is that they could have been made b y snakes. The best method so as to find out is by placing some sand around those holes or by sprinkling powdered chalk around the holes. It may not turn out to be good enough for the lawn as it may be damaging the grass if there is some in the lawn. Nevertheless, it will certainly help detecting the makers of these holes, should it be rabbits, rats or snakes. The presence of sand or powdered chalk will certainly help in tracing any marks made by the animals making those holes.

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