Mike LaBlue house fire

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Is Mike LaBlue house fire, a real incident?

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  1. Guest25016422

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  3. Mitchel

    Yes, it is a real and a tragic event, in which four young sisters, aged 2-12 lost their lives to a terrible fire that engulfed their house. This tragedy took place on May 12, 2010 in Ragely, Louisiana.

  4. Guest22945818

    Mike Lablue Fire


  5. Guest22941502

    I googled it to see what help they need. not one news site came up. it was all these is it real or not sites. one had a link to a news site from the area it had happened. only there wasn't any record of any one with the last name LaBleu/LaBlue.

  6. Guest21642752

    uhh yeah of course it's true, they've got A VIDEO of the house fire here and Mike LaBleu also:























  7. Guest20923027
    i think i seen a blog post at
  8. Guest20169929
    Seen news article about the Mike LeBleu family and home fire? Happened 5/11/10, be careful of links to donate:
  9. Guest18993238
    yes this story is very truth I looked it up at (they spelled the last name LeBleu) But I understand why someone ask if it were true or not. I get chain letters/prayers all the time that are very very sad and I have cried over almost every one. But I started looking them up to get the whole story and so far this is the ONLY one that is true.
  10. Guest18959402
    It is the truth! Kassandra was my husbands biological daughter. As for the names being spelled wrong, that was human error I'm sure. It is a har time for their family and our too and this kind of c**p is wrong. Truth of fiction???? Don't you people ever think first?
  11. Guest18953692
    It's the truth I grew up with Mike and those who have any thing to say just call me CHAD LYONS 337-660-1754 I'll set you right.
  12. Guest18945580
    Guest18910689; Think of it this way, if something like that happened to you, would you want someone doubting whether or not you were lying about losing your family to a fire?
  13. Guest18943811
    That is terrible that you are ignorant enough to cuss on here and to be upset that people are praying for them whether on FB or other posts. The word gets out and people pray and people help. If you can't post anything nice then don't post at all.
  14. Guest18941722
    To Guest 18936280: I suppose you don't care that you sound like an uneducated idiot. What business is it of yours if people do or don't post on Facebook? If you don't want to read the posts, then don't. Or don't go on Facebook. Why should you care what other people do. SOME people care about others and are interested in their friends lives and DO pray for other people who have problems. Maybe you feel like no one would care if a prayer request were posted about YOU. But the same "morons" that you want to hang by the heels are the ones that would pray for you if you had a need. I won't bother to post what you really said, because you have no manners or morals.
  15. Guest18940894
    To the person who said that those who post on FB should be hung by the heels . Did you ever think it is out of sorrow and concern for the family and they are asking for prayers. Think first
  16. Guest18935451
    If you just google "Ragley Louisiana house fire", you will find the story. It's true and happened a week ago. ~FlameGurl
  17. Guest18931349
    true, they lost 4 girls, 11 yr old twins, 8 yr old & 1 yr old. Wife & 3 yr old escaped. He was at work.
  18. Guest18929988
    It's true. I can NOT begin to imagine what this precious family is going through but instead of fighting over if it's fake or true, pray. These people need prayers so badly right now. Here is the dad's FB page:!/profile.php?id=100000489423165&v=wall&ref=search
  19. Guest18929460
    The family members names are being spelled differently by the reporter(s), not the family themselves.
  20. Guest18929259
    Why does each family member spell their name differently? Lablue, Lebleu, and Lableau?
  21. Guest18927762
    This is fact. It happened May 11 in Ragley, Louisiana. Here is the news article link.
  22. Guest18927750
    There have been rumors talking about a Mike LaBlue house fire. Although official reports are still scarce, there is a report from the Associated Press currently circulating that seems to confirm the tragic news. It seems that as a result of the fire 4 children of Amy and Michael LaBlue lost their lives and couldn’t be saved. Their 3-year-old-son Michael was able to escape the fire along with his mother since they were sleeping together. According to AP: “The victims — all girls — were identified as 11-year-old twins Kamryn and Keiley Lebleu, 8-year-old Kassandra LeBleu and 1-year-old Adrinne LeBleau. All four sisters were pronounced dead at area hospitals.” According to information from the police, Mike Lablue was out of home, working in Texas. Our condolences go the remaining Lablue family, and I can’t even imagine the pain of losing most of your kids. This is truly terrible…
  23. Guest18927356 Clothing Drive for LeBleu Family Posted: May 16, 2010 9:38 PM EDT Updated: May 16, 2010 10:18 PM EDT NEWS More>>Citgo now serving blended ethanol fuel at lake area stationsKPLC 7 NEWS NOW APPTeen crime is on the riseJeffrey Denby Murder Trial: Day 2Texas man arrested in Beauregard Parish after police chaseLafayette man who murdered Burger King manager gets 50 years in prisonLSP arrests illegal immigrant in Lafayette for s*x crimesWoman arrested after swallowing drugsI-10 eastbound lanes near Rayne exit to remain closed until 7:00PMTerrebonne Parish sues BP over oil spill Stay In Touch More>>Sign Up for KPLC E-News Personal Forecast Sign Up KPLC 7 News Now Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Stocks, Movies on your Cell Phone More>> :Live Online NOW! You can have access to the latest News and Weather always on your desktop More>> KINDER, LA (KPLC) - Coushatta Casino Resort will host a clothing drive 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 18, in the Mikko Center to assist the victims of a fatal house fire in Ragley. The drive is an effort to assist Ragley residents Michael and Amy LeBleu and their surviving 3-year-old son, Michael Jr. The sizes being accepted include: Men's pants size 38 waist and 2X shirts, Women's 3-4X or 22/24W, and child boy 3T clothes and 8/9 shoes. Gift cards will also be accepted.
  24. Guest18927236
    Please, don't believe everything SNOPES says. It has fallen under scrutiny itself. As far as the fire, dunno.
  25. Guest18926309
    I believe this is a true story. Look on NBC news station in Louisiana that not only has the story but pics of the home. I got this link from CNN.
  26. Guest18925106
    Guest 18916019..If you are so sure it is false, where is your proof. Three others reported it as fact and gave proof. If you can't back up what you say..don't post
  27. Guest18916019
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