Can I use Truck rims for my Chevy?

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I just purchased a 94 Chevy S-10. It came with low profile tires on 18 inchers chrome spoke rims and I hate them. I found this great deal in a JC Whitney magazine for four truck tires with tires and rims and balanced! Great deal! But they did not have them for S10 only blazer. My question is can a blazer size rim fit on an S10? The S10 has a 5x4.75 bolt pattern and the blazer ranges from 5x4.75 to 5x5 to 6x5.25 and the girl on the phone was not any help. So can a full size 94 blazer rim fit on my 94 S10? I hope you can give me some reliable information.


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  1. johnmatt

    I think you can do it but before doing it you can check from any good truck professionals or you can also check on this site.

  2. John


    You cannot put everything on your own. There are some prerequisites for tires and rims. The answer is No. Even though a new Blazer has a bolt pattern of 5 X 120.7mm and a 1994 S-10 has a bolt pattern of 5 X 120.7 mm, the offsets are different because of the 4 X 4 nature of the Blazer.

    This should confirm what you are thinking: That if the rims fit an S-10, JC Whitney would have listed it. You can also consult your local dealer for more information regarding truck rims. I hope I have answered you very well, but still have something in your mind or you need to know more about this issue, you can ask me again. So feel free to ask.


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