5 things to know before traveling Ecuador?

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My family is going to Ecuador to meet my parents, i would like to know the 5 basic things to know before travelling to Ecuador, please help

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Ecuador lies in the continent of South America, bordered by Columbia in the North, Peru is on the east and south while the Pacific Ocean is to the west.
    Ecuador has an area of 283,561 square kilometer. Ecuador offers many attractions fro travelling, there is a lot of diversity in culture and also you can enjoy nature there as well. You can experience many weekend tour programs and visit many places. Ecuador is a land of rich biodiversity with many distinct ecosystems with a distinct flora and fauna. Other natural wonders that are offered to the visitors are active volcanoes hot springs cloud forests, tropical rain forests and remote beaches are also present on the Pacific ocean and there are also many attractions.
    There are many years old buildings such as historical sites and colonial towns. Some of these sites are Inca ruins, colonial churches and buildings. Indian markets offers a unique touch and taste for exploration of new ideas. You will find out about the lives of Equador people how they have changed and there are different cultures prevailing in the country living side by side. The uniqueness in their culture still remains as a way with their own distinct culture.
    Different adventure programs can be enjoyed while travelling to Equador which are climbing, volcanoes, jungle trekking and you can also enjoy mountain biking and horseback riding as well. There are other adventure programs as well which are included in the power pack.

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