train timings from coimbatore to trichy

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im in need of knowing the train timings from coimbatore to trichy pls do help me

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    all coimbator to thirchy train time

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    Hi, Passengers need to be aware that distance covered by train from Coimbatore to Trichy come within the range of 1813 kilometers. There are many trains in India, which covers the distance between Coimbatore and Trichy stations and reaches the destinated place in 2 days. The train between Coimbatore and Trichy departs from Coimbatore railway. There are some of the railway stations, for the route between Coimbatore and Trichy, whose railway platforms are under construction and will be ready till the month end and provide the best services to the passengers with purified water and hygienic food facilities along with magazines and newspapers. The trains include time of stoppage at different stations as per the schedules on the particular route between Coimbatore and Trichy stations. There are many other linking trains which passengers have to catch from the middle of the particular railway route to another in order to reach their destination. Indian Railways provide the facilities to guide the passengers regarding the linking trains at different stations within the scheduled time. The passengers going to board the train from Coimbatore for Trichy station need to approach the Coimbatore railway station. There are many express trains or mails, which originates from Coimbatore and Trichy. These express trains helps the passenger in traveling from Coimbatore to Trichy at lower time and minor charges applied by railway authority to reserve their railway tickets to explore Trichy and to feel the cultural heritage of Trichy. The Express Train originates from Coimbatore and reach Trichy at 4am taking 18 hours. It covers lot of villages and towns and halts at important stations. People enjoy traveling in express trains, which takes lower halt time and unnecessary stoppages at small railways stations. Hope it helps

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