too much turn out

by Guest6430  |  12 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I have been battling with my turn out for months and now I'm being told that
I'm over compensating causing my side tend to go slightly back, while still
being yelled at in class to pull my heels forward. My teacher is great, x-
Bolshoi, but because of his limited English I am getting really frustrated. I'm
either not tuned out enough, or overturning and not really sure where I'm
going wrong. How can I find where my turn out should sit naturally?
Thank you!




  1. James Augustus

    As you said your teacher is great, x-Bolshoi but difficulty in communication because of his poor English. Try to solve the communication problem and I think he can solve your problem with ease so don't wander here and their.

    Here are some websites where you might get solution of your problem:


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