Tires wearing truck bouncing

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My front driver side tire is wearing on the inside and the truck bounces at 80mph I have had the truck tires balanced and rotated, would an alignment be the cause or is a bigger problem? Truck is a 2005 ford f-150 XLT crew cab short box. Help me out and share some useful information about truck bouncing. I have searched a lot but still have no information about truck bouncing. I hope you can give me some reliable information. Please help me as soon as you can.


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  1. johnmatt

    I think you have to take help from any good truck professional.because if tires are new then it will really hard to balance it properly so it is always helpful to you to go to any good professional.

  2. Guest26839929

    If you are experiencing the bouncing in the seat, then it is probably irregular wear from the front tires. This is caused by misalignment and aggravated by insufficient inflation pressure and insufficient tire rotation. But if the "bouncing" is in the steering wheel only, then it is probably the new tires and they are probably out of round, which can not be corrected by balancing.


  3. John


    I am grateful to you, as you consider me able enough to answer you. The first place to start in this diagnosis is to get the inflation pressure right. You must check it properly and have an assessment.

    On every vehicle sold in the US is a placard that lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. It is usually located on a doorpost on in the glove box.

    But wear on the inside shoulder of a tire indicates an alignment problem.
    And since the vehicle is bouncing - well this might be one of 2 things

    1) the inside wear is not even, which might be caused by the misalignment

    2) the shock is bad.

    So I would do it this way

    1) Check tires for proper size and pressure

    2) Check alignment

    3) Check shocks.

    Hope this will help you in understanding all things about tires wearing truck bouncing


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