Tires for motor home.

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I have a 1994 Sea breeze motor home with a GVWR of 14,800. I am going to be buying new tires & am wondering if I can go with a wider tire that a lot of the newer motor homes have on them. I currently have Michelin 8R19.5 load range D On 19.5X6.00 rims. I am considering toyo 225/70/19.5 or even 245/70/19.5 with a load range of E or F. My question being: can I safely put these wider tires on my existing rims without sacrificing safety.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    An 8R19.5 Load Range D has a maximum load carrying capacity of 2680 # at 80 psi. Multiply that by 4 and I get 10,720#. This means you either don't have enough tire on the vehicle, or you've got 6 wheels.

    But to answer your question: A 225/70R19.5 will fit on a 6" wheel, and the Load Range E has a load carrying capacity at 80 psi is 3000# - which is still short. I would go up to an F or G Load Range, but the question is if the wheel is rated to carry that much load and inflation.

    The wheel ought to be stamped with the maximum and you shouldn't exceed it. If your figures are right, then the wheel ought to be rated at least 3700. The main point that you have to be careful is that the weight put on the tyre should not be more than it is recommended but other than that apart from the weight that a tyre can handle there is a minimum weight which is the maximum limit that a vehicle can carry so both these factors should be kept in mind.

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