Tires for a 2001 Honda CRV

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The Standard Size Is 205/70/15.The CRV I am Buying Has On 215/70/1,Will This Be A Problem On Power Or Void Any Warranties. Will It Affect Gas Mileage.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are many standards of tyres that fit with the CRV, The best fit is however 225/55/17 , the reason is that CRV is a small car and it requires a lot of traction control and modulation. The recommendation of the company for the CRV is however to use Yokohama Nexxus and the specification is however 205/55/ 15 but these do depend upon the factors which effect the driving condition and also the surface you are driving. My advice however will be that you go for either Yokohama or you go for Dunlop SP sport . The new Dunlop Leman are mostly used by the CRVs and they do offer the best performance in their own league as a result they are termed as the best fit for small vehicles who require careful modulation. You warranty might not get effected by these changes but there will be slight change in the mileage but these can be ignored, especially if you are looking for performance.

    This will cause an error in the speedometer of 4% - the speed reading will be low.

    2) This will effectively reduce the torque available from the engine, but improve fuel economy.

    3) At this point there won't be a warranty on the vehicle from Honda and the dealer might point to the tire size if there are any problems associated with the drive train - although it probably won't be the real reason.

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