Accurate tire width on snow

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I have a 91 pathfinder and have found myself hydroplaning often, even with very little water on the road. My tires still have tread on them but I was thinking of getting new tires before snow season hits. My uncle suggested I get car tires and new wheels, how would this affect my ride? Please help me out and give some useful information about the accurate tire width.


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  1. John

    Hello there

    I am assuming you have 31 X 10, 50 R 15 LTs on there now and that is the reason for the suggestion from your uncle.

    First, my book says that you should be running 26 psi in those tires and maybe that is the reason for the hydroplaning. I used quotes because what it really sounds like is that you have a traction problem on wet roads, and that is quite different than hydroplaning where the vehicle has to have some decent speed and the water has to have some decent depth.

    So your first step ought to be to check your vehicle placard for the original tire size, as it is recommended here and inflation pressure for that size.

    I should point out that some versions of your vehicle came with P235/75R15 - also inflated to 26 psi. And they will fit on your rims.

    I would not really expect much difference in the ride, but that is assuming you had the inflation pressure correct. I hope I have explained you well.


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