Comparison between steel and alloy rims and tires.

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The car I am looking to buy comes with 16 size steel wheels or alloy wheels. The steel wheels can have weights applied on both sides but the alloy wheels can only be balanced with a row of adhesive weights on the inside. I am concerned that the alloy wheels will not balance as well as the normal steel wheel and be more likely to go out of balance. Which do you recommend and why? Please share your thoughts over this here. I am looking for some expert opinion on this query. I hope I would be getting some useful information here. Thanks in Advance.

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    I think you should go for alloy wheels if you are driving a sedan or car for your daily usage. But if you are driving a truck or off road vehicle then you should go for steel wheels I must say. If still you are confused then let me tell you the characteristics of alloy and steel wheels.

    Alloy wheels: alloy wheels can enhance handling by reducing weight, allowing suspension to pursue the terrain more closely and consequently transform grip, however not all alloy wheels are lighter than their metallic equivalents. Reduction in overall motor vehicle mass can also assist to reduce fuel consumption. Better heat conduction can assist dissipate heat from the brakes, which transforms braking performance in more confronting supplying the insist conditions and diminishes the chance of brake failure due to overheating.

    Steel Wheels: Steel wheels are made for Rough roads, heavy loads and slippery pavements. It can handle the bumps of every-day driving and also the knocks of an off road.

    The choice of wheels totally depends on the usage of car and purpose. Best of luck hope I have made clear the choices for you.

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