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I have taken my car to 4 different shops to have it aligned the first shop fixed everything and all the others said it is dead on and nothing needs to be changed even after repeat visits the tires that are exclusively on my car. You know, I did not like them but I got them for 20 a piece almost brand new thing is they were on a car for about 4 months they went flat and dirt pushed the tire up and had the tire pinched against the inside of the rim would that cause and problems?

I am sure it probably did my main question is the inside of one of my tires right on the edge is worn completely bald the front left could that be from the car they came off of having a bad alignment or ultimately the bands is bad as I know they are not the best when I put different tires on my car does not jerk around while driving any ideas or suggestions? I do not want to spend money on new tires and wear them out I would like to find the problem and fix it before I spend a lot of money.
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  1. John


    Hmm, very near to dirt, if the dirt was completely cleaned out and the rim was checked for out of round - and it was not - then the only problem might be whatever situation caused the dirt in the first place - and it is possible the tire was damaged during that sequence of events.

    As you told me that the tire wear you described is probably from before you did the first alignment - and once you get alignment wear, you have got it and can get rid of it. After all, you cannot put rubber back onto a tire.

    If the alignment of the vehicle is OK, then new tires should probably wear OK.


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